Dundee Gaelic Choir

Fàilte gu Còisir Ghàidhlig Dhùn Dèagh

Welcome to Dundee Gaelic Choir


Dundee Gaelic Choir, officially known as the Dundee Gaelic Music Association, was formed in 1896 and enjoyed early success in 1903 as the first ever winners of the prestigious Lovat and Tullibardine Trophy which they went on to win on several other occasions.  The Association went into abeyance in 1939 but was reconstituted in 1966.  In 2017 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the reconstitution with a dinner, ceilidh and sing-song ! It was well  attended by current and former members including Isobel Darroch, our original conductor from 1966 !

Dundee Gaelic Choir

The Dundee Gaelic Choir promotes the Gaelic language and culture through music and song. We compete in provincial mods throughout the year and at the Royal National Mod each October. We also entertain at Highland Societies and ceilidhs throughout the Tayside area.

The choir is conducted by Frances Menter with fun, vim and vigour ! Frances has extensive experience in working with a range of choirs and applies her wonderful talents with us.  While based in Dundee, the choir draws members from Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Fife. 

We are a friendly choir and learn a range of music from tradiitional Gaelic songs to modern Gaelic ballads written for Run Rig ! 

Keep an eye out for us as we would love you to come and hear us perform. 



The choir meets for practice every Monday night at 7.15pm in the St. Mary Magdalene's Church Halls, Dudhope Crescent Road, Dundee.

New members are always welcome – especially men!  Prior knowledge of Gaelic is not required as tuition will be given. 

Contact Audrey Roshier on 01382 826301 or via email for further information.

Choir News


The choir sang well throughout and their performances were rewarded with a rapturous applause by all enjoying the music at both events.

Dundee Gaelic Choir Concert October 2017

The choir held a public concert and performed a gorgeous set of gaelic songs ranging from the rambunctious to the tender. A number of solos were performed by our talented singers. Additonally, English translations of each song was displayed allowing the audience to appreciate the sentiment behind each performance.

Angus Open Day

The choir sang in Forfar to a very appreciative and engaging audience. Both the audience and the choir were full of smiles. 

Carol Concert for St John's Ambulance

The choir performed at a carol service for St John's Ambulance. It was a beautiful service full of warmth and friendship. 

Upcoming Events

February 9th Mackenzie Caledonia Pipe Bank, Gardyne Theatre - We will be belting it out alongside the pipe band.

February 25th  1:30pm Marryat Hall, Dundee
 - Soup & Song. Come and enjoy the music with a warm bowl of soup.  

June TBC- Christian Aid Concert - date yet to be confirmed

 9th - Aberfledy Mòd. We will be singing our socks off at this event to win !

October TBC - Gaelic Choir Annual Concert. Date to be confirmed.

October 19th - Royal National Mòd in Dunoon. The big one that we really, really  want to win !